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Probably you host them quite often. Visitors who quit your website instantly after just one page view. Switching back to Google or other references. Too bad, that we had to abandon them to their fate. But starting today that condition has changed for you!

What patterns do website visitors typically follow?

Your visitor comes from an external source like Google or a website which linked you, viewing your valuable content. In case he likes what he is seeing, he might check some submenus or leaves the page through the back function of his browser. See following scheme:

The same procedure but using the Rebounce Plugin

Your visitor enters your website through an external source and is also viewing your content. If he is trying to leave your website, whether direct or just after some page views, he won’t be able to go back to his source. Instead he will be redirected to your default target.

How to use the Rebounce Plugin? Here are some ideas for you. Be creative!

Here we go: How to install and configure the Rebounce Plugin to your WordPress website

The options of the Rebounce Plugin convinced you? If not just simply try our demo. For testing just click now the back button of your browser.

In case the features of the Rebounce Plugin already convinced you, simply follow the instructions to be able to use it for your website:

  1. Download the requested plugin resp. license through our partner ShareIt
  2. You will receive an automated e-mail with the corresponding link to download the file
  3. Unzip the file. Use the ftp program of your choice to load the file to following folder: “wp-content/plugins“. Alternatively simply use the WordPress backend routine to install the Rebounce Plugin.
  4. Activate the plugin

Global configuration of the Rebounce Plugin

Use the global bounce forward function to redirect all users to a predefined URL. Just open the option Rebounce by clicking settings in the main menu. Enter the URL and all “bouncers” will get redirected automatically to it. Alternatively you can integrate a short link, to get an accurate tracking of all your “bouncers”.


Individual Bounce-Forwarding

You didn’t define a global forwarding and like to set an individual redirection for the bounce to a specific article-, page- or post type-layer. To do so, use the new “Rebounce Metabox”. We integrated a box for all post-types – also your customized post types will be supported by the plugin.

Enter one URL here. All users, who opened this article, page and custom post, will get redirected to your custom URL. In case you defined a global Bounce-URL, it will be automatically overwritten by the individual Bounce-URL. This is perfect to cause some rotations or to set up even more targeted redirections!


Choose the license, which suits you best!

Standard license
incl. 19% VAT
  • 10 Domains
  • 1 year Updates & Support *
  • Standard Support
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Pro license
incl. 19% VAT
  • 25 Domains
  • 1 year Updates & Support *
  • Standard Support
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Ultimate license
incl. 19% VAT
  • Unlimited Domains
  • 1 year Updates & Support *
  • Premium Support
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* Of course the Rebounce Plugin still operates abundantly after the first 12 months. The renewal is only needed for updates and support.

Please note: The Rebounce Plugin doesn’t support hosting provided installations on WordPress.org. It only supports self-hosted.

Planned Plugin-Updates

Any questions? Of course we’d like to help you. But before you send an email, please read our FAQ:

Does the Rebounce Plugin also work on mobile devices?

Sure! It certainly does.

Does the Rebounce Plugin slow down my website?

Definitely not! The file size has no more than 1kb. Thus it’s loaded ahead any tool is able to measure. We have tested the plugin in websites, which have a daily visitor-rate of 1000+ and couldn’t note any problems.

Do you warrant, that I won’t have any problems with visitors, co-operation partner or others?

You should be aware, that we merely provide an option to change the surfing-behaviour of your visitors. We don’t provide any guarantee resp. liability for the way you’re using the plugin. You’re accountable yourself for the use.

Gibt es ein Partnerprogramm für Affiliates vom Rebounce Plugin?

Auch das haben wir. Einfach hier klicken und bei Digistore24 als Affiliate anmelden. Wir vergüten für jeden Sale der von dir vermittelt wurde 20% vom Umsatz.

How to handle the updates and support?

The plugin comes with an automated update function. As soon as we’re going to publish a new version of the Rebounce Plugin, you’ll be informed accordingly in the WordPress backend.

Regarding the support we provide 2 different offers depending on the license. If you choose the Standard-Support you’ll get feedback within 48h /weekdays via e-mail. All Ultimate-License holders will get the Premium Support within 24h/weekdays via e-mail and if based in Germany appropriate feedback via phone.

Can I upgrade my current license?

Definitely! If you need an upgrade version, simply send us a mail. We’ll inform you about all upcoming necessary steps. Regarding upgrades we have no regard for current campaigns or coupons.

Does the Rebounce Plugin work for all WordPress versions?

We have tested the plugin starting from WordPress 3.9 without any issues. Due to the disuse of a profound implementation in WordPress, it should also work in older versions with rather certainty. With the activated plugin you’ll get a new option page named “Rebounce” and with each article-, custom post type resp. each page an optional metabox. Since many years this is a standard function in WordPress, thus absolute ok.

For security reasons we strictly recommend to upgrade your WordPress to the latest version. WordPress security is an important subject!

Which browsers are supported?

Basically all common and latest browsers. To get a more precise overview for all browsers (incl. mobile) click here.

Which post types do I need to run the plugin?

We have built the plugin so that it runs for all post-, page- and custom post types. That’s the reason why it is compatible with premium plugins like WooCommerce or Event Espresso.

Do you feel confident? Then order your proper license!